01 Address transfer and patent registration of

2-dong, 3-ho, 77 Munpyeongseo-ro, 18beon-gil Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea 34302


12 Woosong University MOU 

06 Start-up growth technology Development selection

    Selected as regional flagship R & D

    USA Patent registration

    Hyosung Company registration

05 Geonhatech MOU 

    Venture Business Certification

04 Registered as a Samsung electric company


09 Patent registration

08 Selected as an Angel Matching Company

06 Selection of R & D company participation in economic cooperation

05 First Penguin selected as a start-up company

    Selection of creative convergence R&D

01 187, 437 Techno 2, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon-si (Yongsan-dong, Michan Techno World 2nd)             Address Transfer


10 First steps R&D selection (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

09 Product improvement R&D selection(Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

08 ISO 9001 Certification(Korea Knowledge Standard Registrars)

06 Venture Business Certification (Small & medium Business Corporation)

05 Company affiliated research institute certification

      (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

04 Closure and corporate conversion Migun Techno World 2cha 514 address transfer

03 A youth academy Selected as an excellent company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

02 Established corporation of GLTech Co., Ltd.

01 75, Techno 1-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (Transfer office)


10 Patent registration

05 Established GLTECH

    Moved to Chungnam Techno Park

04 Selected as a youth academy(Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

Privacy Statement

​개인정보 정책

DaeduckBiz Center, B105, 17, Techno 4-ro, 

Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea 34013

34013 大田广域市 儒城区 Techno 4-路 17, B105号

T +82-42-934-2772   F +82-42-934-2773  

E sales@gltech.kr   

34013 대전광역시 유성구

테크노4로 17, 대덕비즈센터 B105

T 042-934-2772   F 042-934-2773  

E sales@gltech.kr   

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