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GL- Tech Co., Ltd. (GL-Tech) is a Semiconductor, SMT, PCB Substrate, LCD, OLED, including providing a measurement and inspection solutions in general industrial applications is a company consisting of all that “people cherish the meeting” to make this person.

GL- Tech Co., Ltd. (GL-Tech) would think most of all cherished the body and mind to devote his youth workers in the company,

a company that puts the customer important than customer-oriented thinking and professional knowledge and experience in the intangible knowledge-centered perspective.

GL- Tech Co., Ltd. (GL-Tech) personally weak, but three are gathered together samgyeop line andeut not easily broken

my company consists of people with a sense of ownership of H, the spirit of the venture / W, the S / W itself both R & developing

D venture The company.

Thank invisible confidence and encouragement to many who sincerely willing aneusineun highs in places deurimyeo companies always do their best.


Aggressive challenge spirit

Constant Challenge to Goals


Continuous exposure to ideas

Conversion of ideas


Mutual trust

​Clean management


Pleasant corporate culture

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DaeduckBiz Center, B105, 17, Techno 4-ro, 

Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea 34013

34013 大田广域市 儒城区 Techno 4-路 17, B105号

T +82-42-934-2772   F +82-42-934-2773  


34013 대전광역시 유성구

테크노4로 17, 대덕비즈센터 B105

T 042-934-2772   F 042-934-2773  


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