The ECOGEN is a product whose external backfire,

3rd safety device and functional technology were verified.

Gas generator

-Patent registered and safety
-Mold standardized
-No thermal deformation
-Durability guaranteed

Backfire preventer

-Patent registered
-Stability acquiring, verified product
-Developed and produced for HHO
-Durability guaranteed

External bubbler

-Patent under application
-Design under application

Filter system

-S316 stainless
-Equipment lifetime extended
-Performance continued
-Efficiency continued
-Durability guaranteed

Cooling system

-Patent under application
-Performance continued
-Efficiency continued
-Durability guaranteed

Luxurious pump

-Pump for high temperature
-Teflon material


Car engine Advantage after removal of carbon

Enhances mileage efficiency

because of increasing the injector injection pattern restoration combustion efficiency.

Enhances engine outputs by recovering a designated nominal mileage through securing a concluded combustion space
during the fabrication and delivery of vehicles because the combustion chamber outer-wall and the piston head are cleansed.

Prevents engine knocking

depending on the suction/exhaustion valve situation.

Enhances air environments

by reducing emission gases

because even the emission catalyst DPF is cleansed.

Make stable combustion by

inducing normal ignition arcs because the ignition plug is clean.

Reduces noises and vibrations and maintains new car conditions

Product feature

Checks the start sensing after checking the vehicle battery voltage automatically during Power On

Senses the vehicle engine stalls during work, judges the stall condition, and make warnings and suspend gas occurrence.

Seeks user convenience because all situations are displayed with alarms and messages

Perfect interception of water by reflecting the inner tank and gas-liquid separation 
system patent-registered technology

Model 2000 execution screen

Model 2500 execution screen

Stall alarm screen

Basic components

Measurement cable  

External gas hose

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