Features of Product

  • Height Resolution : 0.1nm

  • The resolution is the same regardless of a lens magnification 

  • Measuring a Nanometer Level 

  • High Speed, Precision and Resolution

  • Possible to measure various kinds of samples, such as, transparent, semi-transparent  and opaque ones, etc. 

  • Measuring a sample easily without any non-destructive or preprocessing processes 

  • Excellent Repeatability, Accuracy and Reproducibility

3D Nano Surface Measurement System

System measures a patterned surface shape of 1nm ~ 10mm height in sub-nanometer scale by utilizing interference phenomenon of visible light. Due to the nature of measurement principle, system gives no damages to a measuring sample and offers same resolving power in height for varying objective lens(varying magnification) unlike confocal microscope. System also provides a wider Field-Of-View and fast measurement time unlike AFM. 

Major Measurement Items

  • Measuring heights, depths, step-heights, lines, circles, arcs, angles, widths and distances, etc. 

  • Measuring the roughness of a surface and a line or a waveform

  • Measuring scratches, abrasion and defects

  • Measuring an Area and a Volume

​Measuring Principles

Using the interference signal of light, it can measure the entire area of ​​the surface of the camera from 1nm to 10mm without destroying the material.

An interference signal is a physical phenomenon according to two optical paths when light emitted simultaneously from an arbitrary reference point travels through different optical paths and is represented by a light and dark form of light, which is called an interference signal.

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